Filorga Time Flash Smoothing Primer 30ml

FilorgaåÊTime-FlashåÊExpressåÊSmoothingåÊActiveåÊPrimer 30mlåÊis aåÊsmoothingåÊbase of double action with immediate and durable effets on the skin.åÊ

Lift action technology: three-dimensional polysaccharides form a tighteningåÊfilmåÊon the skin's surface to instantly smooth fine lines.

Blur action technology: blurring agents refine the pores and skin texture.

Lasting multi-correction: A combination of 4 active ingredients [skin-relaxing hexapeptide + collagen booster + peel-like active ingredient + hyaluronic acid booster] act on all types of wrinkles [contraction + deep + surface + dry] for a long-lasting smoother skin.

Melt-in texture with blurring micro-powders.


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