Boucheron Vanille de Zanzibar 125ml

Where the sky meets the sea, Zanzibar, Africa's Wild Pearl, offers both gustatory and olfactory escapism. This island of abundance with its aromas of spices, including Vanilla, brings about an addictive sensual dizziness. Dense and bewitching, Vanilla is moving with its harmony, its depth and its glow. Just like Citrine, a gem that shines like the sun.

Its voluptuous roundness runs through the skin, for which it is the perfect ally. It is sensual, and develops a whole range of milky facets, caramel, honey, tobacco, amber, woody, spicy, syrupy, etc. Between comfort, delight and strength, this Vanilla brings carnal intensity and a dash of tropical exoticism to the Collection.

₱8,528.00 was ₱10,660.00

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