Boucheron Neroli d Ispahan 125ml

At the crossroads of the silk and spices between East and West, the green Isfahan sparkles in the desert sun as a glare in a lush sand setting. The authentic sunny landscapes of Ispahan, the Persian city, are an invitation to travel, contemplate and explore another land that is home to wonderful treasures: precious stones or olfactory wonders. A lush green gem set in the heat of the desert, whose freshness recalls Peridot and its tangy hue.

The orange tree flourishes freely in its beautiful gardens, with its embalming flower that delivers the precious Essence of Neroli.
Warmed by the sun, shaken by the wind, Neroli radiates intensity and contrast. Here, it is brought into a new light with plenty of relief, like an amber water.

₱8,528.00 was ₱10,660.00

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