art of scent

ART OF SCENT is the FIRST LUXURY FRAGRANCE BOUTIQUE of its kind in the Philippines. It was created with the vision to uplift the fragrance consumer's overall shopping experience.

The concept of ART OF SCENT is to instill in the fragrance consumer a deeper appreciation of the nuances in choosing the right fragrance that suits them best. while shopping in a luxurious environment.

ART OF SCENT is based on the principles of Luxury Retail. Fragrance Education. and Personalised Shopping Experience.


Design is the key. The store's interior, display & decorations as well as packaging & stationaries are well designed to transcend the highest of luxury retail standards


We take inspiration from the industry-standard fragrance wheel composed of four major families: floral. fresh. oriental and woody. As such. the store categorises the perfumes of each brand under these four families. The current brands and references in the store are rotated on a monthly basis in order to refresh the consumer's visual and olfactory palettes.


Service Excellence. The goal is to uplift the fragrance consumer's overall shopping experience by providing an extensively trained and industry-first Fragrance Concierge that not only provides a guide of all brands, but most importantly, assistance in discovering the ideal scent profile for each customer.