Commodity Book Candle

Candle, 184g

Dwell in scent with Commodity Home. Each candle embodies a unique scent signature that infuses the space we inhabit with light, warmth and the air of something new.

Commodity Book tips its hat to the Hemingways and Firzgeralds of the world. Transporting you away to a world of imagination and stories while capturing that quiet moment when you're curled up with a good book.

This soy based candle contains sustainably sourced Sandalwood Pacific from the island of New Caledonia.

Commodity Candles are hand poured with expert precision. They combine naturally derived soy based wax with premium fragrances expertly crafted using natures finest commodities. The result: a luxurious home fragrance with a beautiful, warm burn. Burn time: 60 hours.